Repair & Maintenance

Restoring the Past, Building the Future

Repair and Maintenance

All buildings require support to maintain health, just like a person if they are not looked after things will start to wrong.

A lot of issues are hidden and invisible from the outset to an untrained eye, however over a period these become noticeable to all. It is generally at this point that those issues start to cost a lot to put right. No one wants that expense and carrying out preventative measures would resolve this.

Maintenance of properties both commercial and domestic is a task which should be carried out regularly depending on the building and its actual usage. We are experts in guiding you to what sort of inspections you should look to have undertaken and at what intervals. We are also experts in the field of repairs and maintenance to all of our clients.

We work with large organisations who have multiple properties around the area to ensure that these are healthy and any issues dealt with immediately to avoid any long term problems.

We hold the ISO certifications to ensure we follow procedures and continue to always look at improvements. We are members of both Contructionline and the Federation of Master Builders. We work heavily with insurance companies being the main point of initial contact for many large insurance firms.
When you take on the services of Premier Property Services (NE) ltd you are not taking on a small outfit with no strength in depth. You are getting a high quality company who completes jobs to the highest of specification.

Building & Restoration

We provide a full range of commercial restoration and building services


We work with insurers to provide repairs to damaged properties both commercial & domestic